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Why do tyres have air in them?

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Good question. First you should understand that not all tires do, many are solid, some have nitrogen instead of air..
Automobile tires were once usually solid, b…ut the pneumatic tire (tyre) was a far more comfortable ride, and it was lighter and cheaper. ( Full Answer )

Tyre originally consisted of two distinct urban centres: Tyre itself, which was on an island just off shore, and the associated settlement of Ushu on the adjacent mainland. Alexander the Great connected the island to the mainland by constructing a causeway during his siege of the city, demolishing the old city to reuse its cut stone.. The original island city had two harbours, one on the south …

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keywords:In the manufacturing process a tyre is constructed out of raw uncured rubber. After the tyre has been constructed, but before the tyre goes into the mould for the curing proce…ss, we call that a green tyre. ( Full Answer )

Tyre is an ancient Phoenician port city which, in myth, is known as the birthplace of Europa (who gave Europe its name) and Dido of Carthage (who gave aid to, and fell in love with, Aeneas of Troy).The name means ‘rock’ and the city consisted of two parts, the main trade centre on an island, and ‘old Tyre’, about a half mile opposite on the mainland. The old city, known as Ushu, was founded c …

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They are made of a very hard type of rubber which holds air inside it so that the bike can ride on a hard surface.

port on the Mediterranean Sea and chief city of ancient Phoenicia Note: On the site of Tyre now stands the town of Sur in southern Lebanon.

Tyre | town and historical site, Lebanon | Britannica.com
keywords:Nitrogen. nitrogen is also used in air craft tires and most shops can change your car over to nitrogen for a fee. i had my 1994 Tahoe changed to nitrogen and i noticed a diffe…rence in cornering , it felt like the side wall of the tire wasn’t rolling over as much. nitrogen is more stable and denser than air so your tire pressure wont fluctuate as much as with just air. ( Full Answer )

Tyre: Tyre, town on the Mediterranean coast of southern Lebanon, located 12 miles (19 km) north of the modern border with Israel and 25 miles (40 km) south of Sidon (modern Ṣaydā). It was a major Phoenician seaport from about 2000 bce through the Roman period. Tyre, built on an island and on the

Bible Map: Tyre
keywords:an moderately overinflated tyre would not burst, it will cause poor grip and a stiff ride it would take a deliberate act to blow a tyre by overinflation, The main cause of blo…w-outs (as opposed to puntures) is drastic under-inflation, what happens is the tyre is flattened more than it is designed to be, and as the tyre rotates, the flat area is rotated around the tyre as the wheel turns (as obviously it is only flat where it is in contact with the road) and it is this rapid flexing which increases the faster the wheels turn, that causes the tyre to heat up beyond it’s design capabilities and it starts to break down resulting in a blowout, obviously, the warmer the weather, the chance of the tyre heating to beyond it’s capability is increased. ( Full Answer )

TYRE, or Tyrus, now Sur, on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean, 102 ms. n. by w. of Jerusalem. Pop. about 5000. The city stands out into the sea, and is connected, …

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keywords:The tubeless tyres are safer than tubed tyres when it comes to punctures in the tread region. In the event of a nail hole or other small penetrations in the tread region, the …air leakage is very slow and sometimes, not at all, as the rubber may make a seal around the penetrating object. In fact, on many occasions we have had nails and other foreign objects lodged in the tubeless tyres of our own personal cars and bikes and we have motored to safety and on to the tyrewallah to get it repaired in comfort..
In place of the tube in a normal tyre, the tyre and the rim of the wheel form an air container in a tubeless tyre. To ‘seal in the air’, in this tyre-rim compartment, the inner wall of the tyre is throughly lined with an impermeable, air-tight membrane. The inner liner of the tubeless tyre is constructed of halo-butyl/chlorobutyl and other materials. This performs, in essence, the important chore of substantially reducing the permeation of air, as compared to the natural rubber inner liner, a function of which is why we use a butyl tube in a tubed tyre. .
A tubeless tyre also comes with a soft rubber chaffer, distinct from a rubberised fabric chaffer in a tubed tyre. This works as an all-round air seal between the tyre and rim. As there is no tube, and, hence, no tube valve, a specialised valve is employed for increasing/reducing the air pressure in a tubeless tyre. The valve (check out the line drawing to see how it mounts) sits on the tyre rim and is ingeniously sealed by a large high quality rubber seal which is easy to mount..
Shashank ( Full Answer )

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keywords:lift up the car, put all of the weight in your back, keep the legs straight and lift in a twisted jerky motion. get a friend to take off the tyre and then drop the car The bes…t way to that to stop by any auto service, and they will do everything for you for your money of course. I would not recommend you to change tires by yourself because they require balancing. You will need a special equipment to do that. And most people don’t have it because it costs a lot of money. ( Full Answer )

Tyre definition, tire2. See more. n. late 15c., "iron rim of a carriage wheel," probably from tire "equipment, dress, covering" (c.1300), a shortened form of attire.The notion is of the tire as the dressing of the wheel.

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keywords:the tyres get worn down and it becomes dangerous because the tyres have no grip Badly worn tires can blowout and you can easily loose control of your vehicle.

Tyre was founded on an offshore island. Alexander the Great constructed a causeway during his siege of the city, and the island became a peninsula.

Tyre, Map & Directions – MapQuest
keywords:Its because suspension will be decreased leaving matter in the air inside the tyres making sure that the driver doesn’t feel too much of a bump!

Well this is embarrassing. It appears we have no tyres in stock for that size. Although our stock does not contain a tyre in that size right now, we update our catalogue with new stock several times a week – please come back soon to check availability.

keywords:New car tires are specially formulated and tested, and often are optimized for certain conditions. One example is the fact that snow tires are meant to be driven in snow, and …as such they have better wet grip in corners, as well as better stopping in wet conditions. The amount of refining that goes into a car tire is staggering. Tires overall are more durable than before, but they still wear out. Old car tires, apart from being old, usually weren’t as specialized. They were more of an all season tire, which was a balance of wet grip and dry durability. But old car tires are junk after a few years, as they crack, the sidewalls can rot, or they can start to peel apart. If you were talking about rims, what you mount the tires on, the same thing goes. New rims are specialized just like the tires. A pair of racing rims will be far lighter than a pair of heavy duty off road tires, because of the alloys and construction used. Older rims are much the same, but they can be damaged, or they can rust. Older rims also weigh more, because much of the metals that we use now in rims to make them light were either ridiculously expensive or not invented. ( Full Answer )

keywords:1) identify which valve you’ve got, there are Schrader(like on a car), Presta (considerably narrower, manual seal) and Dunlop, (easily serviceable)..
2) Find/buy a pump with …the correct nozzle for your valve.
3) locate the pressure recommendation on the tire, memorize this and try not to exceed it..
4) Attach nozzle to valve and inflate until pressure recommendation is reached. ( Full Answer )

keywords:Depends on how you look at it. Tire + lots of pressurized air inside will weigh a tad more than tire with only a little air inside. But the actual tire casing will weigh the s…ame whether it’s inflated or not. ( Full Answer )

keywords:Falken Tire Corporation The Falken Tire brand, a subsidiary of Sumitomo Rubber Industries, launched in its native country of Japan in 1983 and was introduced to the North Ame…rican market two years later. At its inception, Falken was created as the flagship high performance radial brand under Ohtsu Tire and Rubber. Now, over two and a half decades later, Falken continues to focus on UHP (Ultra High Performance) products and utilizing professional motorsports racing to further develop and improve passenger vehicle products for worldwide distribution..
Falken Tire Corporation, based in Fontana California, is the corporate headquarters and west coast distribution center for North American operations. Additional Falken Tire distribution locations include warehouses in Tennessee, New Jersey and Texas..
Falken’s current products range from the track inspired and enthusiast targeted Azenis series to the maximum performance and luxury sport FK452. The award winning all-season performance Ziex ZE912 provides sure footed grip in any weather condition while the S/TZ04 encompasses cutting edge styling and ultra plus fitments for today’s light truck and SUV’s..
Future product development includes the expansion into rugged all-terrain, winter performance and premium touring categories..
Considered a marketing maverick in many regards, Falken Tire prides itself on its in house branding and creative capabilities. Housing a fully staffed advertising department and motorsports team allows Falken Tire to fully maximize exposure on internally operated American Le Mans and Professional Drifting programs..
Year Founded: 1983.
Number of Employees: Over 125.
Parent Company: Sumitomo Rubber Industries ( Full Answer )

keywords:An air-filled tire is a light-weight construction element that also provides some damping and an easily adjustable amount of deformation to get the required footprint and requ…ired traction dependent on the surface conditions. Other gasses could be used instead, but air is easily available. ( Full Answer )

keywords:Formula 1 cars use tires called slicks. Likewise, Drag racing cars use slicks, and NASCAR uses slicks as well, the tires are just of different sizes. The difference between sl…icks and normal tires is vast. Slicks are soft rubber tires, with no tread. At first, this can be dangerous, as your tires have no traction, or they are “Slick”. However after a few laps around the track, or after a long burnout (Drag racing) the slicks heat up, and become sticky, they stick to the track in hot conditions far better than conventional tires. Slicks stay warm all race long after that. Conventional tires are composed of many different layers of rubber and metal mesh, these layers are considered a “ply”. If you have a truck with 8 ply tires, they have 8 layers of rubber and metal mesh in the tread. The higher ply, the better for hauling a load. The issue with using normal tires for racing is: One, normal tread tires are designed to grip the road to a point, but they will easily lose traction under a lot of power, especially with the amount of torque and horsepower a race car puts out. Two, normal tires aren’t meant for high speeds. Slicks are meant for high speed, based on the speed rating. So at high speeds, normal tires can disintegrate. ( Full Answer )

keywords:Very occasionally for light aircraft air is used, however it is almost exclusively nitrogen that is used. This is for a variety of reasons such as nitrogen does not support co…mbustion and can assist in preventing a wheel fire when the aircraft lands (braking and high speed can produce dangerously high temperatures, especially if multiple sorties are flown). There are other benefits but effectively it is down to being the lowest cost gas that does not support combustion.) ( Full Answer )

keywords:\nwide tyres have high grip and traction acc to physics pressure=force/area more the area less will be the pressure so to maintain stability on high loads trucks are provided… with big tyres also truck is easy to stear on low pressure ( Full Answer )

keywords:Acctually tractor tires are not filled with water but sometimes with calcium chloride, refered to by some as ‘fluid’. This fluid adds weight for the tractor by reducing the u…se of heavy and cumbersome mounted weights. ( Full Answer )

keywords:Denpends on WHICH Antonov Aircraft you’re talking about. Antonov isa factory, a producer. They make/have made several different typesof Aircraft.

keywords:They are made of conducting material in order to earth it from (neutralize) any excess static charges accumulated on the plane’s surface.

keywords:Correct tire pressure will vary from tire to tire. The recommended rating for tire pressure will usually be printed in small letters on the sidewall of the tire with a number …followed by the letters “psi.” ( Full Answer )

keywords:A tyre that fits on a wheel was not discovered it was invented. The city of Tyre was founded and grew.

keywords:Nitrogen gas is used (a machine is used to convert air into nitrogen gas). It improves tire wear & gas mileage by reducing tire temperature. Normal compressed air also contain…s moisture, which is not good for rubber let alone tires. For more information, please contact your local tire center or auto dealer. ( Full Answer )

keywords:Then you’re in trouble, bad trouble. If it’s a rear then it’s not too bad, as most braking is done on the front. Braking will also help balancing the car giving the driver an …opportunity to come to a controlled stop. If it’s a front, then just hope that the scenery is soft and forgiving. ( Full Answer )

keywords:Well what do you think? 1.practicing for hours a day learning new dance moves for your next concert 2.memorizing new songs 3.up all night trying to come up with the lyri…cs for your next song 4.the paparazzi won’t leave you alone 5.signing new autographs 6.doing at least 3 hour long concerts 7.learning new music videos 8.music signings 9.music awards 10.traveling to everywhere sometimes needing a translator 11.worrying about messing up big time 12.And last but way far from least being a teenager and trying to grow up with new challenges being thrown at you like school work! Sum that all up and you have Taylor Swift’s job!I think that’s tiring! ( Full Answer )

keywords:The Sole agent for continental Tires in Bahrain is GeneralAutomotive Services Co. with its office and service centres locatedin Sitra Highway and Industrial area. Contact : Of…fice 17735606 ( Full Answer )

keywords:Michelin Group, ( A subsidiary of the French tire company Michelin et Cie ), owns and operates the Uniroyal Goodrich Tire Company which manufactures the Uniroyal t…ire line. ( Full Answer )

keywords:On dry, firm roads, pretty much nothing. .
Treads are there to deal with water and soft surfaces. .
Modern treads are also designed to help avoid hydroplaning onvery wet roa…dway, without treads a car would very easily hydroplane(completely losing contact with the roadway when there is even justa little water over the roadway, causing the car to ‘float’ with notraction whatsoever). ( Full Answer )

keywords:most tires are black, the materials they use is a carbon black it’s the industrial standard. gos with any color. you can buy tires that are other colors like pink or blue yell…ow, so you can do a burn out and leave pink smoke. ( Full Answer )

keywords:Nitrogen is used in many tires and not specifically tubeless. It is used because it doesn’t expand and compress like normal air does in altitude and temperature changes, which… is why it is used in aviation applications. ( Full Answer )

keywords:There are several words that rhyme with tyre. Here are some of them: buyer crier choir dire fire hire liar mire pyre sire spire slyer tire wire

keywords:They are made by vulcanizing rubber and fabrics in a hot mold, thisis something that would have to be done in a factory not by anindividual.

keywords:Racing car tyres are made of very soft rubber. This gives them muchbetter traction on the roadway, but they wear away very quickly.

keywords:They are no longer safe to use- danger of a blowout, and loss of traction when driving on wet roads. They may be recapped- covered with a layer of rubber- and returned to serv…ice. They may also be recycled- shredded and used for other purposes. ( Full Answer )

keywords:because when you are on a bike,then it bounces you will find itvery uncomfortable.SO GET THAT?

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